Aspects of a More Compelling CSR Film

Aspects of a More Compelling CSR Film

Corporate Social Responsibility is of equal interest to businesses and their customers. Telling your story and getting it out there, is a crucial step in order to foster deeper relationships with your customers. It is a definite way through which an organisation can generate trust and kindle credibility for itself in the minds of the customers. But, it is one thing to formulate the best programme and another to tell the story about it. In order for your CSR film to make an impression that stays with the audience, it is best to hire professionals of a revered production house. A Little Anarky, a Video Production Company based in Delhi with years of experience, expertises in producing compelling CSR films that make an impact by swearing by the following significant aspects:


  • Focussed Approach: It is essential to talk about one issue at a time. A film trying to encapsulate multiple initiatives and issues undertaken by the corporation will be scattered and all over the place. A great story describes the one big issue in a personal way. Portraying the impact of the problem through the stories of the real people affected, makes it more engaging for the viewers. It is a powerful way to lead viewers to invest in the story on an emotional level. 


  • Honest Storytelling: Do not shy away from telling the truth of your journey, including the failures. Corporate films often get trapped in creating a glamourized version of their journey, talking only about the successes and tooting one's own horn a little too much. Remember, there is no good story without a conflict. The impact of a triumph can only be fully experienced if it succeeds a setback. Professional content creators know how to use the failures of a corporation to weave a dramatic and multi-dimensional story. 


  • People First Perspective: Make the story about people. The audience might not care about your corporate entity but they will relate to one of the employee's contribution in providing the solution and the human side of the process. Making the film from the lens of people about the solution will help viewers relate to the film, making it more memorable and giving it more shareable value on the social media platforms.

The story of the programme is just as important as the programme itself because even the most groundbreaking programme cannot leverage its full potential unless it reaches a wider audience.