How Tech Advancements Are Shaping Video Production Trends

How Tech Advancements Are Shaping Video Production Trends

With the fast-paced evolution of technological breakthroughs and the highly special circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is thrown into right now, digital content consumption has gone off the roof, forcing all content creators to be on the lookout for the smartest and most effective market trends and ride the wave with the most traction. The changing nature of video production rides on the constantly upgrading technological industry. Let’s look into some of the top video production trends that can help your business to design the best video marketing plan for the year:


  • Live Video Streaming

The current circumstances during the pandemic, ceasing film production companies to arrange conventional shoots, live streams have made it easier for brands to connect to their target audience more affordably and efficiently. Social media platforms prioritize live videos because they are happening in real-time. The simplicity of the feature, providing users with notifications and even allowing them to join the live video, makes for a highly interactive and personal entertaining experience. Statistics have shown that live videos are six times more likely to hook viewers compared to pre-recorded videos. They are also six times more likely to get viewers’ interactions compared to pre-recorded videos. Exploiting the benefits of a more human and authentic experience, production houses are widely opting for Live video streams as a format for video content. 


  • Vertical Videos

With wide accessibility to smartphones, growing internet penetration and most videos being compatible with mobile phones, brands are now focusing on producing vertical videos. As IGTV and Facebook are becoming one of the prominent social media platforms to promote products and services, companies are using vertical videos for promotions daily. These videos have a ratio of about 9:16 which fills the entire screen of the phone, thereby reducing distractions for the viewer to click anywhere else. Another benefit is the limited width screen which allows viewers to stay connected to one thing at a time, helping brands engage their audience with their products more effectively. 


  • Virtual Reality

First invented and popularized for the gaming industry, Virtual Reality is the next big thing that video production companies around the world are experimenting with. VR is being heavily used to create entertainment content that changes the mindset of the users by making them learn more. It gives the audience a mind boggling and more interactive experience than ever before. Virtual Reality has taken a step further, leaving the world of entertainment behind. Industries facing resource and budget limitations are also opting for VR services. For instance, Medical industries nowadays are using these methods to practice surgeries, which has generated more demand for industrial and tutorial types of corporate videos for special industries to be made. 


  • Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraph is another video production trend which involves a great level of technological creativity. Cinemagraphs are created using editing software to combine a set of photographs and recordings in a seamless loop so that the users can watch all the photos in a video format. The term originated from the photographers named Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who hail from New York. The duo utilized this technique for animating the photos taken during their Fashion Week. A cinemagraph allows you to tell a visual story in a whole new way, creating more excitement amongst the users as compared to just the still photographs.  If you don’t know much about cinemagraphs, then you can hire an expert video production company in Delhi like ours to avail these services. We, at A Little Anarky Films are constantly adopting the latest trends in the industry and can help your brand communicate and advertise differently. 



With constant research and development, the video production industry has seen some of the most innovative trends that you can take advantage of and create more engaging experiences for their users.