Parallel Film Making : Low Budget Video Production

Parallel Film Making : Low Budget Video Production

It is a common misconception that a successful film can only be made with the highest budgets, the biggest, most famous cast and the most high tech film equipment. We live in a time where there are simply no such constraints, where a film production house in Delhi will have access to a Blackmagic but will still choose to make an entire series shot on Iphone, where corporate filmmaking  no longer involves having your usual, run of the mill shots of sunsets and happy faces in large boardrooms, instead they are crowdsourced, personal and engaging. The world; and closer home, the film industry in India is thriving on unique creative practices to get ahead of the game. 


With social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok becoming more and more relevant, the use of phones and other low budget filmmaking equipment is seen to be a boon rather than a shortcoming or a limitation. With changing trends, higher turnover and an overwhelming amount of content and content creators up on the internet, offering something that strays away from the traditional is always a plus. If done right, low budget video production can offer exactly that, a new way of expressing creatively. While there are numerous production houses in Delhi and Mumbai who are offering to shoot high budget films, a few can manage to produce content that has high production value and is low on budgets. We, at A Little Anarky are always ready to try newer avenues, treatments and shooting styles when it comes to filmmaking.

In order to produce a successful, professional looking low budget video/film, a few things must be kept in mind. 


  • The script should be written keeping in mind the film equipment to be used and the budget constraint. The script is always the hero of any film that is produced, if the script supports and reasons the fact that you are shooting with an iphone, it will work magically. It is essential to optimise the aesthetic of phone camera shooting, using its unique features to create a narrative that is contextual, real and relatable. 


  • Use locations that are easily accessible, that you are comfortable in and that are free to use. While theoretically, it would make sense to stick to one location to reduce effort and time, it is also important to remember that opening up and using easy to use locations such as a crowded train station, a park, local scenic locations etc can provide a visual break and add more weight and variation to the video.

  • Whether fiction or non-fiction, proper planning and Pre-production is an essential step when it comes to low budget films. Just because you are using your phone camera does not mean the planning step can be skipped. Keeping the intent of the video in mind, plan your shoot accordingly so there are no unwarranted glitches while the shoot is on.

  • Keep your cast in mind while shooting a low budget film. The cast matters a lot, since they are the ones visible on screen. Keep your eyes open for actors/artists that are known for off-key, alternative creative collaborations and don’t be afraid to reach out and aim high.

Lastly, it is imperative to remember that no amount of money and expensive equipment can ensure a good film, it is only the heart and the voice that counts in the end. Any film production house, whether they call themselves “content creators” or “corporate film producers” are a collection of film makers and storytellers. At A Little Anarky Films, we not only enjoy experimenting with different styles of filmmaking, we make the best use of all available resources to create something distinctive and special for your brand. With the right storytelling technique, not only does low budget filmmaking save money, it also allows for a lot more creative freedom with a lot less risk.